Sunday, February 5, 2017

Cookbook Countdown #14: Portobello mushroom on toast

A quick and easy 'stuff on toast'
 Portobello mushroom or other flat mushrooms, stemmed
butter, finely chopped garlic, thyme leaves, sea salt and
black pepper, toasted bread (and a squeeze of lemon - which I forgot!)
This is my second dish from (my chosen book):
pages 254-255 from:
Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Every Day
headed by the lovely leader
is back! 
We are attempting to cook from both River Cottage Every Day (RCED) for all,
and River Cottage Love Your Leftovers (RCLYL) - optional!
I will do a round up of the dishes I make from Hugh's book on the 28th
of each month, but since I cannot wait that long, I am posting them as I make them!

Currently reading 'What would Mary Berry do? by Claire Sandy
and I sharing this recipe with
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kitchen flavours said...

Looks good! I love portobello mushrooms, in fact all mushrooms! :)

Kayte said...

I love mushrooms and I can eat them almost any way, but that said, I have a hard time getting the big caps like this to cook just right and not get weepy and watery which I don't like the taste of. I have got to figure this out as things like you made look so good and like so much fun.

Emily said...

Hi Kayte, I did not 'baked' the portobello for too long; and I did it in the toaster oven!