Friday, February 22, 2013

TCS ~ Red Velvet Cake ~ Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson

but I used beets instead of red dye...
but this February TCS voted in Julie Richardson's RVC
here's the result!
 if any of you have a HappyCallPan.... yup its that same color! 
 something happened to my mascarpone cream cheese frosting...
used too much cream hence is very soft
Above: I ate that slice at 2.30am!  I rather like it but I did
reduce the sugar for the cake by half .
Above: morning light picturing taking of DH's slice of RVC for breakfast
below: all packed and ready to go
(I always use reusable containers for distribution!)
  below: I baked this sponge cake too hence I went to bed
at 2.50am that is watching American Idol in between baking these two 
recipes and making the frosting!


  1. I wrote something and for some reason it disappeared! Great job! Yummy! How did you like it though? :D

  2. It was rather nice without any chemical aftertaste! The cake texture is tender and not dry! Yumms!

  3. Hi Emily,
    Your red velvet cake looks wonderful! I like red velvet cake, only made it once for my daughter's birthday and it was good!

  4. At 2.30am?! hehehe This cake is definitely a dietbuster but still, I love the taste and texture of the cake!! I'm sure you had great fun just like me :)

  5. Baking at that time! wow! I would be so tired! Salute to you! I love the red velvet cake ,so bright!

  6. Emily, how clever to use beets for the red coloring! I love the slice of your cake on the china plate, set on the crocheted table cloth- a lovely scene! :) And thanks for the link to my blog! You deserve a rest after all that yummy baking- I hope we will get the orange sponge cake recipe? :)
    ~Joy (Yesterfood)

  7. You cake looks great!
    What an interesting pan - I have not seen one like that before and had to look it up. I can see how handy that would be to use.

  8. At 2.30am? ha ha ha the colour of the cake is realy beautiful. Didn't know Happy Call Pan can bake so well.

  9. Ok, I love how you've shaped and decorated your cake. This looks awesome!

  10. Lovely cake & I super love the ruby red color! Well done, Emily! :)

  11. Emily, your red velvet cake looks absolutely divine and I love how you've decorated it. I'm sick of the sight of croquembouche and would love a huge slice of your red velvet cake - yummy, yummy in my tummy.

  12. You decorated the cake beautifully and I am so glad everyone liked it. I knew this would be a hard cake for me to bake because I have yet to try a RVC that I like. Maybe I need to try the beet method because I can always taste chemicals.