Sunday, February 5, 2012

Macarons, finally with feet!

Well, after several disasterous macaroon making ventures, I bought 3 tickets for
Macaron Baking Class by Groupon (which was decently priced) at 19 Culinary in Damansara
last year but I was unable to attend them with my two DDs, so they went with the mother of  a close friend and had a fabulous time!  That was in December 2011 and I was saying to my DDs well when are they baking macarons for me?  So we all went into a frenzy getting almond meal, color gels and the sugars and Diyana came this weekend to bake them with me (well she did all the hard work).
 This is the French method and 3 days-old egg whites!
It dawn on me on what I did wrong on my previous attempts -
BTW, better results with the metal tray below than with the non stick tray (above)
non strick gave burnt bottoms!
Above: drying in front of the air conditioner which is a must for 30mins!
Then the top will have a 'skin' thats dry to touch
Above: how to know if your macarons are done, when the top (ie above the feet/skirt) part do not move from the bottom (ie the feet/skirt) ~ meaning not moving, inseparateable ~ 14mins ~ in my gas oven without fan. BTW use parchment paper NOT greaseproof.


  1. Oh wow!!! they are so gorgeous. Congratulations for those feet ;)Have you tried making Italian meringue? that's my next "macaron project" in lieu of the French i'll try the Italian way...hoping it'll be a success.

  2. These macarons are so perfect! You did well!

  3. Wow, Emily, your macarons are perfectly made! I have always wanted to try at making them, one day I will! Have a nice day!

  4. i never attempted macarons and i dont know when will i hv the courage to do it :( your macarons are very pretty!