Tuesday, January 31, 2012

KitchenFlavours' Free & Easy Bake Along and popular requests!

First time baking with
on their Free & Easy Bake Along

Cherry Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Sugar
(psst - I used canned pitted cherries but no vanilla sugar - icing sugar was what I used instead)
Recipe? visit any of the three links above!

 below: crystallised ginger and dried cranberries scones

 center below: honey and oats bread
went to bed at 2.00 am.... ;)


kitchen flavours said...

Hi Emily, you made the cake! Looks wonderful, hope you have enjoyed it! And you made the scones and bread all in one night? Wow, you are really super! Everything looks fantastic! Thank you for baking along with us!!
Hope you had a rested sleep, today being a holiday! Have a nice day!

Zoe said...

Hi Emily, Nice to know that this cake look good too with or without vanilla sugar. Good to have you baking along with us.

Emily said...

Hi Joyce.

The only two vanilla beans I have looks too dried up and skinny to use so opted for icing sugar instead.

DH likes the cake and I might just bake another cherry vanilla soon just to finish off the balance of the cherries!

During bake night, its usually three items at one go!

Was at work on 1st Feb though... ;(

Unable to insert the linky thingy at my blog. Will have another go at it later.

Emily said...

Hi Zoe,

Thanks for the visit and good to have baked this cake with you gurls!

Looking forward to the red velvet cupcakes (my first ever red velvet!).

DH enjoyed this cake!

lena said...

hello emily, nice to hv you joining our bake along. Like zoe said, this cake is good even without the sugar. did you bake all those on the same day? phew..that will be very tiring for me. Ha! ginger and cranberry scones sounds nice to me. Enjoy your weekend! if you hv time, join us for the next round of red velvet cupcakes!

Jeannie said...

Nice cake! and you are super hardworking to be baking so many things in a night!

Stacie said...

Yum...definitely looks worth staying up late for!

kitchen flavours said...

Hi super baker, :)
There's some award for you over at my blog, do stop by when you can! Thank you!