Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bread Night! Two Breads and something else!

Left: Wholemeal bread ~ 2nd rising
Right: Light Rye bread ~ 1st rising
Wholemeal Bread
Above: Pretty Rustic ~ lovely crust!

Light Rye Bread
Whoa ~ just look at the height! Actually 3 rising works wonders!
Light rye bread with tuna spread, greens and roasted cherry tomatoes makes a great dinner!

Below: and of course in between the two breads,
I baked Cranberry cake (3rd attempt) from
The Cake Keeper book by Lauren Chattman
 Using frozen cranberries sorta frozen up the dough but nothing a hot oven can't cure!

See? no harm done!
So its no wonder that I only went to bed at 3.30am!

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