Monday, March 28, 2011

Take #1 - French Macarons, the Italian way

(1) No problem with aged egg whites ~ 24 hours ~ in the fridge covered with a paper kitchen towel

(2) No problem with the sugar syrup - my new candy thermometer worked pretty well!
(step IM)

(3) No problem with weighing out the ground almond and the icing sugar ~ took the time of shifting (rather pushing the mixture through the sieve with back of large metal spoon ~ 20 mins! 
(step TPT)
**Readers, do remember that I made french macarons the french way six times before so do forgive if I said that I totally forgot to mix the other half of the egg whites with the almond and icing sugar ~ which of course I only realised when cleaning up ie after I had successfully whipped up the aged whites with the sugar syrup and it was a good result; and added the almond and icing sugar... and piped out the batter and already in the oven!

I must say that I had improved on my piping! see the C curls?
Anyways.... if you wonder whats the result if one had forgotten the rest of the whites in the TPT....?
Here you Go! hahahaha!
Emily, are you bakng macarons or growing abaloney! LOL!
Below: best looking ones from three trays!
I am very sure in  #Take 2 - I am gonna nail it! Stay tuned!


  1. lol - you're on the right track.. you'll be a pro in no time:)

  2. pro!?!

    I will be happy with one tray of baby feet!