Thursday, November 29, 2018

CtBF~MPK: Tabbouleh

As I was writing up this post, only then did I noticed the quantity required for the parsley was actually TEN (10) cups, not one (1) cup...

No wonder my salad looked nothing like the tabbouleh in a couple of middle eastern cookbooks (yes, David did not have a picture to go with his recipe).  But nevertheless, both of us enjoyed it.  And I also used couscous instead of bulgur wheat. I eye-balled the quantities to make enough for two pax.

I liked the prepping for the tomato for this dish, cutting it into halves, squeezed out the seeds, diced and drained before use.

Ps: Since we both enjoyed this light and refreshing salad, I went and got a box of bulgur wheat!
Above was my portion.
Hubby had a hard boiled egg to complete his lunch, with extra dressing over the egg.

Pps: when you like some dish or components of a recipe, you should use it!  The herbs work well with cream as a sauce with duck egg wheat noodles!
Accompanied with blanched asparagus with maple syrup n grainy mustard, and pan fried fish.
are cooking from
Recipe from pgs 84-94

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  1. This salad is refreshing as well as easy to make. I'm surprised there's no cooking involved.

  2. David suggested using 14 oz of parsley, I think. I used 4 oz. I halved the other ingredients and still had too much of it. Bulgar wasn't available so I used Quinoa but, like you, would like to try bulgar. Glad your husband liked it as well. I think by using couscous and more of it than suggested, it made the Tabbouleh more substantial. Right? Like you, I am glad I made this but probably won't do again.

  3. I will try this again, your recipe mixed with the cream over noodles looks wonderful. I only prepared 1/4 and that was a lot.

  4. As written, this was more of a salad than something substantial. Delicious nevertheless. I like how you also used it as a garnish to other meals.