Friday, November 9, 2018

CtBF~Everyday Dorie (ED): Maple-syrup-n-mustard Brussels Sprouts

The Doristas are back, since Dorie's newest Gougeres! (which I did not make - yet - cos I have choux pastry anxiety). And I checked the index...nope, no rice pudding, which was the first Dorie recipe I started off with at AMFT so many years ago, which felt like just yesterday. 

Anyways, here is a new twist and upgrading the way we can cook Brussels sprouts, and other vegetables, yes I tried!
In addition to crispy bacon, we finish off cooking the sprouts in a mixture of maple-syrup and French dijon mustard, I used grainy - my favorite!  Results? Super yummy!
are cooking from
'Everyday Dorie, the way I cook'
By Dorie Greenspan
Recipe from pages 212-213
A Big Thank You to KatieBetsy and Mary
for putting everything into order and making it happen!
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Ei said...

Yu-uuuuum! Glad you enjoyed it!

Emily said...

I used mustard n balsamic with broccoli tonight!

Mardi Michels said...

These were SO good, weren't they?

Adriana said...

Super tasty! Broccoli sounds like another great vegetable to spruce up with the glaze.

cheznana said...

I really love this recipe, perhaps we will use it on Thanksgiving, it will be perfect.

kitchen flavours said...

I love the mustard in this dish. But we are a bunch of mustard fans! Will be making this again. Yums!

Lillian Tse said...

yeah! I did love using the grainy mustard for this. Even better, adding it in at the very end for another quick stir gave it a nice zip!

Unknown said...

I still can't get over how good these are yum!

Teresa, from One Wet Foot

Candice Johnson said...

This really is a great recipe, isn't it? Loved the whole combination of flavors. (about that choux paste anxiety - don't, it's really easy, honest! And they are soooo yummy too)

Emily said...

Thanks, Candice - re choux pastry!

tricia s. said...

You had me chuckling at your "choux pastry anxiety" - you are a rock star ! You'll love them when you decide to tackle that one but hey, for now let's just all enjoy what a winner these sprouts were !! Bacon, mustard, syrup = perfect. So fun to be back in the kitchen(s) with everyone.

Mary Hirsch said...

Emily, dear Emily, Please send me the full description of "choux pastry anxiety," the malady that you're experiencing. I think I have a touch of it myself. I made the original gougeres in AMFT but didn't make them ever again. For some reason Dorie's new version is easier to pull together. I've already made three batches. So, try them and see if you can shed this anxiety. Oh the stresses of cooking and baking! Like your sprouts.