Tuesday, September 12, 2017

IHCC & CC#21: Braised potatoes and lettuce

Very simple ingredients, new potatoes (used whatever potatoes I had on hand), carrots, spring onions, cilantro (for garnish), vegetable broth (cube), water, salt and pepper!
Cook the skinned (or washed unskinned, if you prefer), quarter them, in vegetable broth (with carrots) till tender.  Do not use too much broth, the idea is to end up with well-reduced broth.  Add the lettuce and spring onions, cook for a couple of minutes more. Season to your taste with salt and pepper. Simple!

For September's Monthly Featured Dish/Ingredient Challenge, it's time for Potatoes! 
Braised new potatoes and lettuce,
recipe from pages 284-285
of River Cottage, light & easy, Healthy recipes for every day!

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ostwestwind said...

For me an unusual, but delicious soundin combination

kitchen flavours said...

Who would have thought, potatoes and lettuce!

Flourishen said...
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Zosia said...

Braising them in broth sounds like a delicious way to prepare potatoes and they look so pretty and colourful.