Thursday, August 17, 2017

IHCC & CC#20: Fresh fruits/vegetable with Plum sauce

I opted for fresh fruit and raw yam bean instead of roasted parsnips, a very healthy option!  I used three plums - halved and seeds left in, two garlic cloves - unpeeled - bashed, one star anise, small piece of cinnamon stick and drizzled with olive oil.  Roast the plums until soft, cooled.  Remove the whole spices, and rub the plums through a sieve into a sauce pan.  Add sugar, honey, cider vinegar, mustard and cayenne.  Bring to a simmer and cook till thickness you desire.  Cool (I chilled it overnight in glass bottle).
 Serve the plum sauce in small bowl with desired vegetables (raw or roasted), or fruits!  Interesting taste - giving me ideas on another use for this plum sauce!
 Parsnips (I used cantaloupe/yam bean) with plum sauce
from pages 118-119 of River Cottage Fruit every day! 
This week we are singing Dippity Do Dah!
And we are celebrating dips and spreads!

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ostwestwind said...

I think I have also to order this cookbook, what an interesting combination of flavours

kitchen flavours said...

A great way to use plums!

Kim said...

This is something unique and different, altogether! I love the idea of a homemade plum sauce with all sorts of dippers:)

Flourishen said...

Plum sauce with veggies. That sounds creative!