Thursday, May 21, 2015

TCS ~ Toasted Almond Butter Cake

 Initially I choose a chocolate sheet cake but
decided to bake this almond butter cake in a sheet pan
which I made into a layered oblong sandwich cake
coated in a luscious cream cheese frosting!
there are toasted almonds and sweet coconut flakes
in the batter...
I forgot about the egg whites
but they got incorporated into the batter in the nick of time!

toasted almond butter cake ~ pg 84
cream cheese frosting ~ pg 71
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  1. Omg! Emily this cake loos out of this world!!!!!!! Seriously! My jaw just just hit the floor! This cake seemed good enough to include in this months choices but now that you had a success with the recipe I'm going to have to run to my kitchen and make this! The cake looks so moist and delicious!!!!!!!
    Nicely done!!!!!!

  2. Emily that cake looks so tender and that icing so creamy. Wonderful job!

  3. Yummmmy, Emily! So glad you reminded me of this fantabulous option!

  4. Love that you turned the sheet cake into a layered rectangle. That icing looks gorgeous, too and so pretty with the coconut on top. Another one to try! This month sure had good choices.

  5. Yum! If my hubs ate coconut, I would try this one for sure!

  6. I would love to have a slice of this with my coffee. So much yumminess in one dessert!