Monday, April 20, 2015

Rachel Khoo's My Kitchen Notebook

This dinner was two weekends ago
one when I had salmon twice
hence I served the steamed buns
with Rachel's duck ragu
(Teriyaki salmon) steamed buns - Pgs 146-147
Duck ragu (with crisp porridge wedges) pgs 118-119
of Rachel Khoo's My Kitchen Notebook
extremely happy with the steamed buns 
the last time I made 'steamed baus' was a lifetime ago!
all they need was a short stint in the toaster oven
and they were good to go the next day!
my collection of  Rachel Khoo's cookbooks:
Rachel Khoo's
The Little Paris Kitchen
My Little French Kitchen
RK's Kitchen Notebook

and the latest additions to my collection:
Rachel Khoo's 'sweet & savory pates'
and Rachel Khoo's 'muesli & granola'


Charlene F said...

I take it you are a Rachel Khoo fan :-) x

Emily said...

and I am also a Charlene F fan!