Saturday, October 19, 2013

TCS ~ Last Cake From Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson

We at
(above: do drop by for a visit!)
baked our last cake from
Currently Baking From:
Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson
I love love this particular cakebook
and am sorry that we are baking our last cake from it
because its our last cake, we get to bake any cake 
we like from the book
it will be fun to see what my fellow members at TCS are baking!
here's mine 
~ Jam Cake with Caramel Chocolate Ganache ~
pages 103 and 147

jam used was strawberry
originally I wanted to bake a cake which looks like this
but I read the ingredients wrongly 
that recipe called for cocoa powder
but I really want to use up my chocolate chips
** I make the whole recipe, fill up a 9" x 14" sheet pan,
and two small round pans **
so in the end I did have a sheet pan cake!
**the only problem I have with Vintage Cakes was...
I have no luck with most of the frosting recipes..... :(((((

note from our admin:
Hello"The Cake Slice" Lovers ... 
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  1. Great looking cake! I love this cookbook!

  2. Your cake looks fab! Looking forward to your new baking adventure with the club's new chosen secret book!

  3. I saw this cake in the book also and thought it sounded delicious. Yours looks lovely.

  4. Your cake turned out lovely, the frosting looks mouth watering! The almonds I bet make a nice garnish.

  5. I am sorry you didn't get to bake your first choice but I guess it's ok! Your jam cake looks amazing! I love how rich and moist it looks! YUM! Great job Emily! It's an honor to get to bake with someone like you! :) Thanks for extending the invitation to all!

  6. Your cake looks so yummy. I've really enjoyed baking from this book and look forward to trying this cake too.

  7. Emily...this cake looks divine! Square or round! The strawberry jam and chocolate make a wonderful combination!

  8. Your cake looks grrrr-eat!

    Very serendipitous. I just finished baking a bundt version of the jam cake tonight. The aroma of baking cake is a beautiful thing isn't it?

  9. I thought this cake looked very interesting, and I almost made it too. But decided on a different cake. Yours turned out lovely and that chocolate frosting looks scrumptious! :)

  10. So pretty and I bet that combination of flavors is to die for.

  11. Ciao Emily ! The cake smells so good even from here !! I'm glad to hear about youproblems with the frostings from this too!

  12. Great adaptation! This cake is also one that I intend to make from this book. I hope mine turns out as pretty as yours.

  13. Your cake looks delicious!! And I agree with you about the frosting's. I haven't had much luck with them either..

  14. Emily, I love how moist your cake looks!! Sometimes I just love cakes without frosting ;) Good try :)

  15. Emily this looks great! And the almonds make a great addition to the sides and that chocolate frosting looks WOW!!! Hazel x

  16. Your frosting sure looks good from here! And I bet the addition of almonds went great with the strawberry!