Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grilled Sardine with Lemon Salsa ~ Nigella Fresh

Up and running
cooking and baking with 
Zoe, Joyce and Anuja
Grilled Sardines with Lemon Salsa
above: my dinner 
DH had something else - he said the paella was a bit dry to his liking
part of my latest haul from Bookxcess:
Nigella's first book ~ How to Eat (warning - nil pictures but thick book!)
Women's Weekly's Cakes, Biscuits and Slices
the rest I left in my car cos DH has been commenting that
I had run out of shelf space!


  1. Hi Emily,
    Your sardine looks delicious!
    You are keeping your books in your car? Haha! You are so funny! Have seen this book at BX, but did not buy it! Buy another shelf!!!! So that you can get more books! :)

    1. safekeeping in the car until DH leaves for outstation tomorrow then bring up!

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  2. Hi Emily! A cookbook collector, eh? I have stopped buying (for now) as I have run out of space. I don't have any of Nigella's cookbooks yet :(

  3. Hi Emily! I've not seen that Nigella cookbook before! Serving sardine with salsa sounds delicious!

  4. Hi Emily,

    I have a copy of How to Eat too... No pictures at all, only words. Interesting to read though.

    DH not eating paella?? How about the sardine? They both delicious to me...


  5. Hi Emily,
    I bought the Sumac from Mid-Valley, same floor as Cold Storage, there's a small stall along the walkway, selling middle eastern nuts and dried fruits. The stall is situated not along the centre, but at the side (the wall side), behind some makan stall, quite near to Cold Storage. Not easily visible if you are not aware of the stall. Keep your eyes open and you sure can find it! Haha :)

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  7. aiseh, I never ever go to mid-valley wor.....

  8. Hi Emily, where did you buy your sardines from? Always want to cook a sardine dish but hardly see them around except for Japanese supermarket.

    1. Hi Lian,
      I managed to get one sardine (FOC some more!) from my usual fish seller at Pandan Jaya wet market. My DH only eat salmon nothing else. So one sardine was enough for my dinner!