Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chap Goh Mei prezzies for self!

Authentic Chinese Dumplings - most of which I have yet to taste!
Visit to Daiso on Sunday brought lots of goodies: Madeline pans, off set spatular; magnifying glass,
cute frying pan  (for pancakes!), writing pen for cake decorating and piping bags!


  1. Delightful self gifts! Mine will be this Thurs, BBW aftermath sales!! Yipee!!

  2. ooooh that nasty canine thingy! maybe see u there?

  3. Hey, Emily I looove your Chinese Dumpling Book! I've got some Chinese Dumpling books too. Some of the dumplings are amazing and are shaped like fish,squid and swallows. I can make dumpling wrappers but haven't even attempted making these ones yet as they look really difficult. We should both make some:)