Saturday, November 24, 2012

THB #12 ~ Apple-Walnut Mosaic Coffee Cake

Its our 12th Bake at
created by Joyce HERE!  Do go visit!
Lou Seibert Pappas' coffee cakes,
simple, sweet and savory
With the full recipe, the only changes I made:
4 instead of 5 grannysmith apples
reduced the sugar to only 1cup instead of 1.5cups
used wholemeal flour and all purpose flour
The first slice crumbled a bit,
left the cake to COOOOL further before slicing again,
see below: makes all the difference!
a bit of mosaic going on here!
The recipe for this cake is available by its hostess:

Hope you will give this recipe a try,
my DH is sure to like this cake!


  1. LOVELY Cake! Definitely can see the mosaic with lovely ruby red of the cranberries! YUM! Great choice using a bundt mould. Will try that for the next time. I'm baking this cake again for X'mas! :)

  2. well done! the cakes look mosaic and fruity!

  3. Hi Emily, Your cakes at looking good! I can see what it meant by mosaic when looked at your cake! Well done! You are baking at 12.27am? You so rajin-lah! I was at the cinema waiting for the midnight show to start! Hahaha!
    Have a great week!

  4. Hi Emily,

    Totally agree with you that this recipe has too much apples in it and can be very crumbly... Nice that you have modified the recipe well and yours looks great!

    I'm curious and cheeky too to see how my cake is going to "collapse" and so I didn't reduce the amount of apples. Worst of all, I was thinking maybe just eat it from a bowl... but luckily, it turned out to be well-intact and nice :D


  5. Hi Emily, your cake looks really beautiful and delicious, and you managed to get the very pretty mosaic design which I didn't... I'm itching to bake one again!

  6. your 'mosaic' is clearly defined! very nice! so this is husband and wife team baking again?? have a good week ahead!

  7. Loved yours!!! Agreed with the rest of the ladies tat yrs had a great mosaic effect:)

  8. Wow Emily, your mosaic effect is so gorgeous! Thanks for baking along with me :)

  9. Emily, your cake looks pretty in that bundt pan and the mosaic design sure is looking good!! :)

  10. Emily,
    Your cake does look lovely with the mosaic effect.
    Please pass me a piece of your yummy cake:)

  11. Yum! I love sweet cakes for breakfast.

  12. Great looking cake! And it does seem that fewer apples worked better. Good stuff - thanks.

  13. That looks so delicious and moist. My family would love this cake a lot :)