Saturday, November 17, 2012

Free N Easy Bake Along #35 ~ Linzer Torte

DD#2 arrived after 10pm so we started
our bake night rather late.  We made two items resulting in
another late night for me.
Viola Goren's Linzer Tart, pg 72 of Pies, Pies and More Pies
I used 1/2 cup almond meal,
1 cup ground hazelnut,
1.5 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp of kueh lapis spices
and rosehip marmalade in place of raspberry jam
Did not roll the dough as it was too soft, pressed down with
back of spoon and piped it on for the topping
(and we fail at piping!)
sliced and packed up for distribution!
Viola Goren's Linzer Tart
a tad too sweet for DH
Do visit the other ladies in this bake along and


  1. Wow! You started baking at 10 pm! And you've baked 2 cakes! You're really amazing! Your Linzer torte looks great to me with artistic strips, I must say. Now I must copy your idea of presenting the Linzer torte. Love the pictures of the slice Linzer Torte! Oh yum, with rose jam! Now why I've not think of that!! Wish you a wonderful week ahead coz I know now it's already evening in M'sia! heheheheh

  2. Hi Kit!
    Went to bed at 2.30am! Aiks! I forgot to taste the tart!

    The other bake's coming up soon!

    Have a great week ahead you FaBuLous Baker you!

  3. Hi Emily,
    What a great baking spirit! Salute! Sometimes it is good to make some baking the night before and serve it as breakfast the next day. I am so lazy when it comes to night time, especially after dinner, I just not feeling of doing anything.
    The Linzer Torte looks good, should give it a try next time!

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for visiting!

    My DD#2 comes for a sleepover whenever she has dinners with friends (when she's off from work shift - on 4 days, off 4 days) in KL. Then we have our mother/daughter bake nights!

    Will miss these bake nights when she gets married off! I had the same with my DD#1 who have her own family now.... ;)

    So I shall enjoy these times NOW!

  5. Hi Emily, your linzer tart looks extra special with the piped lattice top! Mine was very soft too, I freeze the pastry dough for awhile before quickly rolling them out and got to work on them rather quick! You and Zoe smart-leh, piping style indeed! Now I know! Thank you for baking along with us! Bake at 10pm? My "bakery kitchen" is closed from 8pm onwards! LOL!

  6. Emily , baking at night sounds fun ! I seldom bake at night , too lazy to clean up after baking :D ... Your tart looks yummy ! I want to try that rosehip marmalade :)

  7. Hi Joyce,
    Running short of time so decided to pipe!

  8. Hi Anne,
    Cleaning up late at night no problem; but must be quick to the kitchen the next morning to put things away for DH's breakfast making duty!

    Rosehip marmalade is rather pleasant!

  9. Hi Emily,

    Baking at 10pm! You must like baking very much to bake at this time... I will be sleeping at this time :p

    Your tart looks amazing. Your twisted ropes design looks good!


  10. Hi Emily,
    Baking at 10pm! That must be quite late when you finish all your clean up!

    Love your artistic lattice top.
    Look so pretty !!

  11. Hello Emily! Love the roped design on your pie... looks delicious!

  12. Especially for Zoe, Mui2 and Mich!



    What 'rope' design? it was just ugly piping work!

  13. good evening night baker! i'm wondering are you baking at this hour ..or maybe it's still early to start? LOL! your piping not that ugly but cute la! Like you purposely made it that way..hehe..your husband also baking along with you?

  14. No lah Lena,

    DH's bedtime is always 9.30pm on weeknights and 10pm on weekends and public holidays! :D

    Tonight, my fat ass sat me down in front of the screen and restrain me from making coconut candy... wonder if I will throw away another pack of shredded coconut!

  15. too bad I couldnt participate in this time Bake Along... but i will still bake one
    yours looks just perfect!

  16. That looks so yummy and I like the way your tart looks, rustic and homely:D