Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BakeAlong #33 ~ Cream Puff

Baking along with the ladies
Recipe adapted from
chocolate choux pastry served with ice cream and
topped with lemon curd whipped into
cream and dragon fruit paste for color!

Below: the way my late aunt served cream puff with ice cream and chocolate sauce!


kitchen flavours said...

Choc puff! Sounds great with the lemon curd and dragon fruit paste! And I like your elegant looking plates!
Thank you for baking along, Emily!

Mich PieceofCake said...

Your puffs looks delicious with the ice cream.

lena said...

hi emily, wow, choc cream puffs! i never had that before ! this sounds so special with dragon fruit puree, i hope i can get to taste these cream puffs! must be yum! thanks for joining!

mui mui said...

Hi Emily,
Your chocolate puff sounds great!
Yum yum with your lemon curd and dragon fruit paste!

Zoe said...

Every component of your cream puff looks wonderful and challenging to make.

I have not make of these before from scratch... and you have made them all in one go!