Friday, April 8, 2011

Chocolate Lava Cake

 Melt 4 oz chocolate with 125gm butter and 1/2 tsp of instant coffee granules with a pinch of salt if using unsalted butter; leave to cool once well blended.

Whisk till fluffy and pale ~ 2 whole eggs + 2 egg yolks, 1 third cup of sugar and a teaspoon vanilla extract. Drizzle in the chocolate mixture and mix until well blended.  Add in slightly less than 1/4 cup (sifted) flour and mix well but not overmixed. 
Prepare 4 ramekins by brushing the bottoms and sides with melted butter and floured, knock out the excess. 
This amount of batter is just enough for 4 ramekins (1/2 cup size).
Place ramekins on baking tray or pan; bake for 15 mins in 450deg F hot oven.
 Remove once puffed and tops set.
 Protect your hands with oven mittens, turn ramekin over onto serving plate, count to ten - hopefully the contents will pop out; run a knife around the cake if it doesn't (like mine!)
Lightly dust with icing sugar.  I drizzled some condensed milk over it (left over from my other baking or rather no-bake cheesecake earlier in the night... )
My cake might have been a bit over cooked as the inside was not runny but very moist,
so probably 12 mins baking time would have been enough.  The other three ramekins popped
out their contents without any problems!

So chocolate lava cakes done! Next ~ creme brulee!


Diyana said...

yumm yumm

Emily said...

finished the last piece on thursday! still yummy after toasting!