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Sunday, May 20, 2018

CtBF ~ MPK: Cheese, bacon and arugula souffle

One egg white and one egg yolk gave me enough results to fill a 200ml ramekin!  I used a local green spinach (bayam), and spring onions. I paired the souffle with a sweet potato and egg drop soup.
Dinner for one ~ moi!

are cooking from
My Paris Kitchen, 
David Lebovitz's latest book.
Cheese, bacon and arugula souffle ~ page139-141
A Big Thank You to KatieBetsy and Mary
for putting everything into order and making it happen!
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KB from Prof Who Cooks said...

Oh, I bet that was quite a fabulous dinner for one, Emily! These were quite delicious!!

Nana said...

OMG! that looks delicious Emily. This was a great recipe, I really enjoyed it.

flour.ish.en said...

One egg yolk and one white is a good measurement for each individual recipe. That works. Your gets a beautiful brown crust.

kitchen flavours said...

That looks like a delicious savoury souffle!

Tricia S said...

Lovely results ! So fun to learn of your local spinach (Bayam) and love that you paired it with the sweet potato and a soup - sounds like a delicious and filling meal!