Saturday, May 21, 2016

CtBF ~ FRD ~ Ham, Blue Cheese and Pear quiche!

are cooking from My Paris Kitchen,
David Lebovitz's latest book.
A Big Thank You to KatieBetsy and Mary
for putting everything into order and making it happen!
my collection of David's books:

Mardi's Jamie's FR - not just one day but every day!

VIDEO HERE> Watching it live now! (well, that's what it says) <
wholemeal pancakes - three ways
poached eggs with chili
In our Prof's own words
For Cook the Book Fridays on Friday May 20th 2016, we’re all going to be cooking the dish we’ve deemed a “must know” starter French recipe – QUICHE! David’s recipe for Ham, Blue Cheese and Pear quiche (p 155) includes a pastry crust recipe – something that really should be in everyone’s repertoire whether they are French or not!
 My two versions:
the large one - original recipe from DL
the small one - vegetarian ie without the ham, non vinny too
I used cheddar!

here is a peek of what I am doing for JO's FRD
at The Cottage Cooking Club!
Do check out CtBF and see the results of our members
Note: We do not publish recipes at CtBF,
but certain recipe links are available at Amazon,
better still - get the book, and join us at CtBF.


Mary Hirsch said...

Only you would be able to be totally in the spirit and post Jamie's video "in the act" of celebrating Food Revolution Day. That's what is so good about this quiche business - anything goes. Vegetarian. Changing cheeses. Different meats. Even an oyster mushroom like Piebird chose to do. I think you're doing some roasting for CCC, right? Lovely post.

Teresa said...

Both your quiches look gorgeous! I love the screenshot of Jamie, too - so nice that you were able to watch the broadcast. I'm looking forward to your CCC post!

flour.ish.en said...

We made one -- you made two quiches and had twice the fun. Good for you. I made a vegetarian version and just finished the last piece. Deliish! I have to watch the video sometime.

Unknown said...

Wow! Love how you varied the quiches and it is true that they have flexible ingredients. Well done!!

KB from Prof Who Cooks said...

Great variations on the quiche, Emily! I was wondering if cheese would be awesome, and I'm not surprised! That's also cool that you did a combined post for CC! (I didn't have time to do both, and am glad to see a couple of us did)

Mardi Michels said...

Hey - even *I* did not see any of Jamie live on Friday - too busy!!! Love that you celebrated by watching! Great quiches too!

Kathy said...

Love your variations on this quiche! They both look so high and beautiful. How cool to have caught Jamie on TV for Food Revolution Day!

kitchen flavours said...

Nice variation with the cheddar! :)

Unknown said...

Both of your quiches are so tall and beautiful. I love the idea of cheddar-mmmmh- next one? Amazing that you were watching Jamie at the same time

Unknown said...

What great variations. And I love how tall they are! Wow!