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Friday, September 27, 2013

French Fridays with Dorie: Rice Pudding and Caramel Apples

Woohoo - this is where I wish to
hang out on Fridays!
Finally my copy of this
arrived at my address!

This Friday's recipe is
Rice Pudding and Caramel Apples
I have wanted to try rice pudding but never got around to it
until today!
using the 1.5L unit of my Endo Thermal pots
easy peachy - after the first 15mins of stirring
pop the insert into the insulating pot,
set timer for 25mins ~ remove insert from insulating pot
a quick stir for a couple of mins on the fire
all ready!

lovely colors!
note: I did reduce amounts of sugar in both
the rice pudding and the caramel
Now, why did I ever waited this long to make it!?
The above serving is warm
looking forward to a cold version


Geri Saucier said...

This was a delicious dessert. My family and I really enjoyed it. Have a great weekend:)

Ashiq said...


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kitchen flavours said...

Hi Emily,
Wow, now you are one of the member at FFWD? Cool!
Rice pudding is always something that I want to try too! Drooling over yours! Looks delish!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to FFWD, Emily! Nice job on this dessert.

Anonymous said...

Welcome. This is a great place to hang out each Friday :-)

Nana said...

Welcome to FFWD. We have lots of fun with the recipes, and have
gotten to know so many people through all the commenting. Your
pudding looks fantastic and a great start.

TeaLady said...

That pot sounds interesting. And quite a time saver. This was good wasn't it.

TeaLady said...

Oh, and welcome to FFWD!!

Anonymous said...


What a great recipe to start with! You are really going to love this group! Do you have a bunch of recipes from the "already made" list that you are looking at making? I have a bunch tabbed and marked myself and lots that have been cooked A LOT. :)

Your pudding (and book) look great!

Cher Rockwell said...

Welcome aboard!
This is absolutely a great place to hang on Fridays :-)

tricia s. said...

Welcome to FFWD !! This is a very fun place to hang out :) And you started out beautifully with that amazing color to your apples. Mine turned out a bit un-caramelized in color so I will have to circle back to figure out what I did ...but they did taste yummy !!!

Jora said...

Welcome to FFWD. Great photo. I love the layers! I've never seen an insulating pot but it sounds like a great time saver. I'm going to check those out.

Unknown said...

Hi Emily! Welcome to FFwD:) So glad your book has arrived and you can join us. This was also my first rice pudding! Easy and delicious wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

I've only made this dessert recently, so I totally missed your introduction to the group. So glad you decided to join us. You've made so many of the recipes in just one year!